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Elderly Client Solicitors

Elderly Client Solicitors

Our specialist Elderly Client team have expertise, built up over many years, in providing advice and support to many older and vulnerable adults, their families and carers.

Our Services

We can help with the following planning

  • Planning for the Cost of Care – With the costs of care set to rise ever further in the future, we can offer advice to plan for future care needs.
  • NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding – If you have a Primary Healthcare Need the cost of care should be funded free by the NHS. We can advise on challenging unfair decisions in this area.
  • NHS Funded Nursing Care Contributions – If you or a relative are receiving care in a nursing home, the government should make a contribution towards the cost of registered nursing care. We can assist in understanding and claiming these funds.
  • Local Authority Funding – “Top Up” Fees – Councils may incorrectly ask family members “Top Up” their relative’s care contribution. If you have been asked to contribute by your Local Authority, we can advise on whether you are legally required to pay.
  • Local Authority Funding – Financial Assessment – we assist families to understand the financial assessment process, including issues relating to deprivation of assets.
  • Mental Health Aftercare – there is an entitlement to free aftercare following hospitalisation under the Mental Health Act 1983. We can help you understand your (or your relative’s) entitlement and assist in challenging decisions.
  • Intermediate care – If you or a relative is currently in a care setting as part of a package of “intermediate care”, either following a period in hospital or to avoid having to go into hospital, it should be free of charge. Contact us to secure funding for this vital service.
  • Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection – we assist those acting as an Attorney or Court of Protection Deputy to understand their role and duties. We can also help you to create a Power of Attorney, apply to the Court of Protection or create an Advance Medical Decisions.  You can find out more information on our Wills, Trusts and Probate page.
  • Mental Capacity and “Best Interest” Decisions – in a case where someone lacks mental capacity to make a decision regarding their Health and Welfare, there is a national framework in place which enables relevant persons to be involved in a “Best Interest” decision. We can guide you through your role in this process.

Wace Morgan has built up considerable expertise in the area of obtaining NHS continuing healthcare funding for a patient’s existing and future nursing care – including retrospective funding claims where patients were wrongfully requested to pay nursing fees. We have recovered over £2 million for our clients so far.

We have also recovered thousands of pounds for clients who have improperly been asked to fund the “Third Party Top Up” for their loved one’s care.

Our Team

The team provides support and valuable talks to local volunteer groups and charities. The Elderly Client team also provides Care Clinics from time to time so please check our News page for details.

Nicola is a fully accredited member of SFE (Solicitors for the Elderly), an independent national organisation of lawyers who specialise in providing advice on legal issues specific to elderly and vulnerable adults.


“The staff are friendly and approachable, and supported and guided one with their extensive experience and knowledge.”

“From first to last we were treated with efficiency, kindness and patience.”

“From Stress To Bless – the help my family and I received from Nicola was invaluable.”

“The service I received was excellent, caring & understanding in every way.”

“Clear, precise guidance, with inclusive, constructive conversation listening to our situation to ensure positive outcome for my mother’s welfare.”

Our Commitment

Our staff members committed to continuing professional development, which allows them to give the most up to date advice to their clients. We support our staff members in their membership to the following professional organisations:

  • Solicitors for the Elderly
    A national association of lawyers providing legal advice to older people, their families and carers.
  • Probate Section of the Law Society

The membership group to help practitioners working in wills and probate, estate and tax planning, trusts, and mental capacity to be good at what they do, SRA compliant and progress their careers.

More Information

Click the links below to see further information on our services

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