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Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

If you are involved in a dispute with an individual or a business, Wace Morgan offers specialist advice and a number of routes to a satisfactory resolution. Our highly experienced legal team provide a personal service to help resolve issues in an efficient and timely manner.

Our Services

We believe in offering the most appropriate form of resolution to meet your particular circumstances and desired outcome, thus ensuring that you understand your rights and available recourse to resolve your dispute as quickly as possible. We can represent you in mediation proceedings if appropriate or prepare your case for court.


This is the process of resolving your dispute through the courts. Our solicitors have experience representing clients in both the County and High Court and can offer advice on a wide variety of matters including:

  • Claims relating to wills and inheritance;
  • Property disputes;
  • Professional negligence claims, e.g. against surveyors, solicitors and accountants
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Boundary disputes;
  • Employment disputes, e.g. over restrictive covenants.
  • Debt Recovery and possession proceedings.

Litigation can be a lengthy and complex process and such our legal team will never advise you to enter into potentially costly proceedings that are unlikely to bring a satisfactory resolution. However, in situations where communication with the other party has broken down or where the issues are particularly complex, litigation may be the best solution to give you the best outcome for your particular situation.


Costs for litigation can vary considerably depending on a number of factors including the complexity of your dispute and the length of any court proceedings. Contact our Litigation department on 01743 280 100 or email and our team will be happy to listen to your situation and give you an idea of the potential costs involved.


Mediation is an alternative process to resolve disputes other than through court proceedings. It involves structured meetings with all parties individually and, if appropriate, collectively to address the issues and assist you to reach a solution that is workable and fair.

A whole mediation is normally conducted within one day or a half-day depending on the complexity of the dispute. The process is flexible and therefore the format can be adapted to suit your needs.

As the process is voluntary, everyone in attendance recognises the benefit of settlement, which in itself helps achieve a resolution. Once a settlement is agreed, the terms of that agreement are enforceable as a contract.

Chris Detheridge is our accredited, in-house mediator. He is ADR Group trained and has over 15 years’ experience as a solicitor dealing with civil and commercial disputes. Chris is well-placed to use that insight to help parties identify the real issues between them and help achieve satisfactory and cost effective solutions.


Mediation tends to be a less costly route to resolving a dispute, because both parties enter into the process with an understanding that a resolution should be reached quickly. The cost of mediation is usually split equally between the parties.

We offer fixed fees to suit the length of the mediation and the complexity of the dispute:-

Length of Mediation Value of claim Fee per party (plus VAT)
2 hours £5,000 or less £150
4 hours £5,001 – £15,000 £375
8 hours £15,001 – £50,000 £750

For cases with a value greater than £50,000 and for a case with a limited monetary value (such as boundary disputes) we will discuss the particular circumstances.

Depending on when you mediate you can expect the cost of a mediation to be as little as a tenth of the cost of taking a case to trial.


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