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New Motoring Service has been launched.

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A new service for people who face motoring offences has been launched.

Paul Nicholas, who heads up the criminal department at Wace Morgan, has specific knowledge of motoring law.

“Motoring cases are notoriously complex hence the need to specialise and I have over 20 years’ litigation experience and have appeared in criminal courts dealing with all types of offences, but primarily motoring cases,” said Paul.

“A primary concern for anybody facing a conviction for a motoring offence will be the penalty points that must be added to their driving licence, or the fear of a period of disqualification from driving either because of the offence itself or the accumulation of 12 penalty points.

“This can be particularly stressful for people who drive as part of their work, for example haulage drivers and self-employed trades people. Agricultural workers can also be affected as farm machinery cannot be driven on the public highway if you have been disqualified from driving”.

“Anyone facing a court hearing, either after being charged by the police or receiving a postal requisition, needs an experienced lawyer.

“I can advise on the procedure, possible outcome and any possible application that the law allows for you to keep your driving licence and not be disqualified from driving for any period

“Even if you are currently serving a driving disqualification I can advise on the procedure for the licence to be reinstated by way of application to the court, should the relevant legal criteria be satisfied.”

The main offences he specialises in are retaining a driving licence when 12 points are reached, reinstatement of a driving licence, dangerous or careless driving, drunk driving, using a mobile phone whilst driving, speeding, no insurance and failing to stop and report an accident.

“Wace Morgan is one of a very few practices that offers advice on such a diverse range of litigation issues and the department now has expertise in criminal litigation and advocacy and deals with cases from initial instructions through the magistrates court up to the crown court for the most serious offences and appeals,” Paul added.