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What is the Shrewsbury 10k?

Since 2017, Shrewsbury has been home to one of the greatest town races in the country. The Wace Morgan Shrewsbury 10k takes participants on a stunning route along the river Severn, through the historic town centre and right up to the prestigious Shrewsbury School.

Wace to the finish line!

At Wace Morgan, we believe in taking care of our surrounding community. Every single person in Shrewsbury plays their part to make this town a wonderful place and the Shrewsbury 10k is testament to that. With the volume of people that get involved every year (from runners and spectators to the local businesses who support throughout the day), we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to get involved and become a sponsor.

As well as being such an exciting event, the Shrewsbury 10k also emphasises the importance of your health and wellbeing, an initiative that we want to wholeheartedly get behind. The Shrewsbury 10k isn’t where our work stops for 2023. Our plan is to continue to get involved in local events and support our local community this year. Who knows – you might be seeing us back at the Quarry Park for the next race!

We are thrilled to be headline sponsors for the Shrewsbury 10k. This is an exciting opportunity to support a local event that promotes health and wellbeing for the community and enables our staff to get involved as a team. We are aiming to raise funds for Shrewsbury Food Hub, an important local organisation that are passionate about minimising food waste.

Chris Detheridge, Managing Director

The Wace Morgan running team

Not only are we sponsoring the event, but we’re entering ourselves into the race too. Our team have been training hard to ensure that we make it to the finish line, as well as supporting one another in all stages of our journeys.

Ann Thomas | Wace Morgan
Ben Hartshorne | Wace Morgan
Bryon Kuiter | Wace Morgan
Chris Detheridge | Wace Morgan
Jacynta Walsh | Wace Morgan
Esther Evans | Wace Morgan
Natasha Worrall | Wace Morgan
Paul Nicholas | Wace Morgan
Zoe Detheridge | Wace Morgan

Fancy taking part and raising money for a good cause?

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We’re running in aid of
The Shrewsbury FoodHub

Our participation is in aid of the Shrewsbury Food Hub, a local organisation that works tirelessly to save food from going to waste and educating the community on how they can do their bit to support the environment. Shrewsbury Food Hub work closely with businesses throughout Shrewsbury to collect surplus food and share this with locals.

Since learning about the mission of the Food Hub, we’ve been inspired to take what we’ve learnt and apply this into our own homes – but we want to do more. So, we’re running for Food Hub to help increase awareness of this fantastic cause and support them in their mission.

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Shrewsbury 10k Fundraising for Shrewsbury Food Hub | Wace Morgan

Want to join team Wace in the race?

Here’s how you can get involved as either a solo runner, or as part of a team, for this year’s 10k race:


Sign up

To get started, sign up to the 10k below and use the organisers website to find out further details of the event.



Pick a charity close to your heart, and contact them directly to see if they can offer any support of their own.



It’s time to raise money for your chosen good cause! Bake cakes, get sponsored, or do anything to help do your bit!

For any other information, contact Simon MacDonald via email at

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